Job Openings Cloud Native Engineer

About the job Cloud Native Engineer

As a Cloud Native Engineer, you will be responsible for managing the customer's current environment and working with the customer team to try out and implement solutions that meet their requirements. You will work closely with the customer team to understand their business needs, performance requirements, security requirements, and other factors that may impact the design and implementation of the solution. You will then develop a solution design that addresses the customer's needs, test and validate the solution, and implement the solution in the production environment.

Gain an understanding of the customer's current environment, including hardware, software, and networking configurations.

Identify the customer's requirements and goals for the project.

Develop a solution design that addresses the customer's needs, including selecting appropriate components, defining the networking and security configurations, and developing a plan for implementing and testing the solution.

Work with the customer team to test and validate the solution in a controlled environment.

Implement the solution in the production environment, including configuring the hardware and software components, testing the solution in a production-like environment, and performing any necessary optimizations or fine-tuning.

Monitor and maintain the solution to ensure ongoing performance, security, and functionality, including setting up monitoring tools to track system performance and identifying and resolving any issues that may arise over time.


  • Ability and open to learn new technologies
  • Interest in backend development and scripting
  • Understanding of various cloud technologies and PAAS services
  • Knowledge on DevOps tools and Practices
  • K8s, Rancher
  • Cloud: Azure
  • Automation: Terraform, Ansible
  • Scripting: bash/PowerShell/python
  • DevOps: Azure DevOps, GitLab
  • Monitoring: Elasticsearch, Prometheus